Events this first & second week of April, etc

Peace Fresno Peace Corner (4/3/2009)

April 3rd 2009, Friday, 4:30-6 PM @ corner of Marks/Shaw. Join us in a show of solidarity against the wars of American imperialism! Bring your protest!

  • 16th Annual Cesar E. Chavez Vigil (4/3/2009)

April 3rd 2009, Friday, 6 PM @ Fresno State Peace Garden. Event hosted by Co-Ce-Cha & CSU Fresno MEChA.

  • 16th Annual Cesar E. Chavez March, Lunch & Multicultural Event (4/4/2009)

April 4th 2009, Saturday, beginning at 9 AM @ Holmes Playground between First St. and Huntington Blvd. Free Food and entertainment!

  • Compelled by Conscience (4/8/2009)

April 8th 2009, Wednesday at 7 PM (Potluck at 6:30 PM) @ 1584 Van Ness Ave.

A screening of the film ‘Compelled by Conscience’ about the ideal behind the Religious Freedom Peace Tax Fund bill that is designed to respect individual conscience and enhance the collection of income tax revenue. Leaders and ordinary people explain why there is a need to enable citizens to pay their taxes without violating their conscience. No act of conscience is ever lost. The video is approx. 60 minutes.

  • Dr. Robert Jensen returns to Fresno for a two day event in May (5/1-2/2009)

May 1st 2009, 2-5 PM at Fresno State University in ED 170. A discussion entitled “A Critical Look at Pornography” and a screening of the film The Price of Pleasure, followed by a CineCulture screening & discussion of a film he produced, “Abe Osheroff: One foot in the grave and the other still dancing” at 4:30 in McLane 121. Afterwards, he will give a talk at the Reedley Peace Center, the subject of which is yet to be announced.

On May 2nd 2009—time yet to be announced—Dr. Jensen will conduct a workshop geared towards local community activists. The theme will be either Working With Mainstream Media (to promote your cause) or Public Speaking Training.

Event will be updated as details emerge.

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