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"Speaking Truth to Empire"    July 17th        
3pm - 3:30pm   88.1 KFCF Radio

Guest Alice Slater

Flowers on a Tombstone


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6 - 8 PM

Visalia, CA

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"The most evil planning that ever existed in the history of humanity." Daniel Ellsberg


A Conversation with Daniel Ellsberg About Nuclear Weapons

Daniel Ellsberg Week

So much is happening in the world today. It might seem that focusing on nuclear weapons – in the face of the ongoing massacre of civilians in Gaza, the unchecked threat of climate change, and an economy that is failing working people – means falling short on some of the most urgent moral and political challenges of the moment. But nuclear weapons are at the destructive heart of this system. Israel’s ongoing attack on Gaza is the tragic product of an international system rooted in colonialism and cemented by the existence of nuclear weapons. Israel is the only country in the Middle East with nuclear weapons, and it has support from the United States, the most powerful nuclear-armed country in the world. The big promise of “deterrence” is that nuclear weapons will prevent war – that nuclear-weapons countries will be too scared of the consequences of escalation to fight one another. Yet with the wars in Ukraine and elsewhere, we’ve seen in real time how nuclear weapons perpetuate, rather than prevent, conflicts – that constantly threaten to escalate to nuclear war. Let your senators and representative know that the most dangerous nuclear weapons, ICBMs, need to be eliminated. The 400 intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) that wait in underground silos across the Great Plains are easily overlooked, as they were designed to be. But they are dangerous because hundreds of these weapons, loaded with warheads tens of times more powerful than the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, can be launched with only a few minutes’ notice. Once launched, they cannot be recalled, virtually locking in a reciprocal strike and the civilization-ending consequences that would come with it. Although those missiles seem remote from the battlefields and conference rooms where the U.S.-Russia conflict takes place, the grassroots effort to get rid of them is an essential part of slowing down the war machine and building a future without the threat of global war. As a constituent, please tell your members of Congress that ICBMs are an unacceptable threat to human survival. Our country’s recent actions in the Middle East show it moving further and further away from its obligations to pursue disarmament – actions that have real, profound consequences for the future of nuclear proliferation. Before October 7, the U.S. was facilitating a “normalization” deal between Saudi Arabia and Israel, as well as a U.S.-Saudi security pact and possible uranium enrichment deal with the Saudis. Meanwhile, Iran is allegedly getting closer to developing its own nuclear weapon – with a nuclear program that’s no longer limited by the Iran Deal, since President Trump pulled the U.S. out of the agreement in 2018. Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has stated at least twice in U.S. news outlets that Saudi Arabia would develop a nuclear weapon if Iran developed one. This is a threat to global peace from a country with a long history of shameless human rights abuses that have been supported by the United States government. And it means that soon, there could be three nuclear-armed countries in the Middle East. All this is a great example of why an anti-war movement with the staying power to shift the status quo must be founded on a commitment to eliminating nuclear weapons. In the coming months and beyond, RootsAction will be working to help grow the movement to build a future beyond endless war and the peril of nuclear annihilation, beginning with the elimination of ICBMs. You can learn more at the Defuse Nuclear War website.

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Halt Weapons and Aid to Israeli Defense Forces

Petiton to To: U.S. Senator Alex Padilla, Senator Laphonza Butler, California Congressional Representatives

Campaign created by Stan Santos
click here to add your name

Add your name to show solidarity with courageous young activists across the country. Urge University Administrators: Divest from weapons contractors and help break the cycle of endless war and violence!

CSUF students protest on May 1

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Peace Fresno


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What you can do for peace

There are more than six things, but these are the ones we've been working on in recent days, and if everyone does them, it will make a huge difference. Thank you! -The team

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$17.8 Billion for Israel on top of $250 Billion since 1970

Veterans For Peace joins millions of Americans outraged to have our pockets picked again on April 15, to pay a Genocide Tax of $17.8 Billion for military aid to Israel on top of $250 Billion in current dollars sent since 1970. Americans have no universal health care but Israeli citizens do, which is their right as it is for all people. In the U.S. the Madmen Arsonists running our government squander 80 Billion of our tax dollars on 750 foreign military bases to operate a global empire, out of an obscene military budget just this year of $883 Billion – more than the average annual spending on World War II, adjusted for inflation. Where is free college tuition for America's youth to enrich young minds and build a better society? A drop in the ocean of military spending, $2.8 Billion would pay for all public and private college tuition in the U.S. for a year. Taxpayers just in Missouri, where VFP headquarters are located, sent the military $13.6 Billion in 2023. That could have provided Missouri with 133,000 registered nurses but it didn’t. These are not abstract questions. They fuel angry, disaffected Americans who rightfully have little use for government or elections, given what they get for their tax dollars. We watch Boeing, Raytheon, General Dynamics and other corporations fatten on public money by making weapons and then invest a small portion of it to buy the next Congress. That kind of civics lesson alienates more citizens every April 15th. Veterans For Peace is committed to ending corporate control of our government. We join with the vast majority of Americans who want their taxes to buy health care, education, aid for the sick and elderly and a healthy planet -- not death, suffering and bulging bank accounts for the merchants of death. That is our hope on this Tax Day. It is what we dedicate ourselves to for as many Tax Days as it takes.


The North Atlantic Treaty Organization is a destabilizing, law-breaking force for militarization and war provocation. Its existence makes wars, including nuclear wars, more likely. Its hostility toward the few significant militaries in the world that are not among its members fuels arms races and conflicts. The commitment of NATO members to join each others' wars and NATO's pursuit of enemies far from the North Atlantic risk global destruction. We hold up a vision of a world beyond NATO, where we invest to eliminate poverty, hunger, illness and homelessness; where we live in harmony with our environment; and where we resolve conflict diplomatically through the only global organization that represents the whole world – the United Nations. If you agree with the above statement, please sign it here as an individual or on behalf of an organization that you are authorized to sign for. For more background, read "NATO Admits That Ukraine War Is a War of NATO Expansion." Some find it hard to believe, but NATO is planning a big celebration of 75 years of itself, with meetings beginning July 9, 2024, in Washington, D.C., at which we can expect many presidents, prime ministers, foreign secretaries, and weapons dealers. Anti-war activists are planning a summit on Saturday July 6 and a rally on Sunday July 7, as well as various other actions in the days before and after that weekend — including working with Veterans For Peace planning a peace walk from Maine to join us in Washington, D.C. with events all along the way. We say yes to peace and no to NATO! We favor the abolition of NATO. These events do not support any governments or political candidates, and we ask that people not bring national flags or candidate signs.


Ceasefire Resolution passed by Madera City Council!!!

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fresno bee article madera ceasefire reso

“It is painfully obvious to the entire world that what is needed today is a permanent ceasefire and a release of all hostages,” Rep. Ro Khanna said during a speech on the House floor last week. He added: “There come moments in a nation’s history when our actions reveal our values. This is such a moment. We must stand for stopping the bombing, for ending this brutal war, and for justice in the Middle East, with a Palestinian state with equal rights living side by side with Israel.” RootsAction joins with Congressman Khanna to urge you to sign our petition telling President Biden to announce his support for an immediate and permanent ceasefire in Gaza. “Entire families were wiped out in Israeli attacks even after they sought refuge in areas promoted as safe and with no prior warning from Israeli authorities,” a spokesperson for Amnesty International said this week. “These attacks illustrate an ongoing pattern of Israeli forces brazenly flouting international law, contradicting claims by Israeli authorities that their forces are taking heightened precautions to minimize harm to civilians.”

Palestinian Youth Movement

Munir Marwan Palestinian Youth Movement Leader.jpg

Peoples Dispatch speaks to Munir Marwan, a longtime Palestine solidarity organizer and Palestine Youth Movement member

Beyond a ceasefire: The Palestinian Youth Movement's demands for liberation

Peoples Dispatch/ December 29, 2023 - 22 minutes

The entire Palestine solidarity movement in North America has united behind the demand of a ceasefire in Gaza. For the first time in years, organizations of the working class such as labor unions have been united against the status quo of Western foreign policy and taken an unprecedented stance against Israeli violence. At the same time, important sectors in the movement have been trying to push the demands even further.


The Palestinian Youth Movement, a major international formation of Palestinian youth with significant presence across North America, has been working to push the movement beyond dreaming of an end to current aggression, and into demanding full liberation from Israeli occupation.


To talk about PYM’s latest demands, which include an end to occupation, the release of all Palestinian political prisoners, and ending Western complicity in Zionism,

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