Homeless Encampment Cleared

By the end of the day on Thursday the homeless encampment was cleared. A very disappointing outcome. However, over 100 observers were present in the morning, including many passionate Occupy Fresno participants and students from CSUF. Mike Rhodes said, “By far his was the largest number of community members to ever stand in support and witness an eviction of the homeless in Fresno!” His story with pictures is on the Indybay website. See: http://www.indybay.org/newsitems/2011/10/27/18695578.php

2:40 pm thurs eviction status

about 5 full trucks full have loaded up and gone. Significant thing is that loads of trash were taken then workers dismantled 2 tent homes. Observers engaged in heated discussions with chp officers. Agreemen reached to not further destroy tents at this time.

I see 20 city workers, 10 chp, and huge vehicles with front scoop claws, scooping into dump trucks.

Observers at 40 earlier, now down to 30.

It appears city and csltrans work has stopped for the day, and expectation is that operations will start up Friday morning.

10:30AM City Workers Came

Cíty officials and workers came with a bulldozer and several trucks and workers to clear the area. Demonstrators formed a line to block the demolition. City officials moved down the street – towards corner of Ventura and Santa Fe. Join Us Now!

8:30am Homeless Encampment

100 demonstrators arrived at 7am. No city workers. 50 people here now. Will post again if city action starts.

Call to Action – Thursday at 7 a.m.!

Mike Rhodes, editor of the Community Alliance, writes: The City of Fresno intends to begin a massive eviction of homeless people from their modest shelters, starting at 7 a.m. on Thursday, October 27. Your presence in solidarity with your homeless brothers and sisters could stop one of the worst human rights violation in the history of this city. Just as the weather is getting colder, the City of Fresno is going to chase the homeless from one vacant lot to another, taking their blankets, tents, and clothes. You and I can stop them. We

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